Up to date data is needed in poverty alleviation in Sleman Regency

To alleviate poverty, up to date data is very important for planning programs, planning budget and also for deciding target. Based on those, Sleman Regency will organize updating data of poverty in 2018. For preparing updating officer, Agency of Social Affairs of Sleman Regency, in Wednesday, 9 May 2018, held technical guidance for updating officer for villages and sub districts officer. The technical guidance was opened by Head of Agency of Social Affairs of Sleman Regency, Mrs. Sri Murni Rahayu, SH, MM. In her speech, she said that Sleman Regency has poverty rate target is 8% in 2021. So, for reaching the target is needed the update data of poverty and also proper poverty programs. Sri Murni also said that for obtaining the update data of poverty is needed a good collaboration among regional government, sub district, villages and also sub villages.

In technical guidance for updating officers of poverty data, there were two speakers who gave their subjects, first were Mrs. Yuni from Board of Regional Development Planning and Mr. Sarastomo Ari Saptoto, from Agency of Social Affairs. In her subject, Yuni talked about policy and strategy of poverty alleviation in Sleman Regency. She said that annually, poverty rate in Sleman Regency is gradually declining. Nowadays, poverty rate in Sleman Regency is 9,48%. She also said that there are seven cause of poverty, such as high population growth, unemployment, low education, and so on.  For alleviating poverty, there are four strategies and policies, reducing consumption burden and handling population growth, elevating community empowerment, increasing income and job opportunity, and growing the supporting of economic activities.

In the second subject, Ari spoke about how to update data. He said that in this condition, the data which is used by Sleman Regency in planning poverty programs still has weakness, such as inclusion errors, dead people, working as government officers or as national soldiers, family data, uncompleted demography data, and also exclusion errors. So, for updating the data, in this year of 2018, Sleman Regency will hold updating data totally. He also said that in this updating data, we will use the new verification form from Social Ministry. To obtain the optimum result, he said that the collaboration among poverty alleviation team in every level, from sub district, villages and sub villages is needed. The collecting data for updating poverty data will be held from May 2018 until September 2018.

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